A 7 - 21 day retreats in sun-kissed Baja California Sur, Mexico

 The program is designed to clear the mind, body and spirit and have you looking and feeling your best as you launch into Spring.

As you relax where the desert meets the ocean you can enjoy local fruits and veggies, an Ayurvedic and or raw cuisine, and participate in an exercise program designed to stimulate the lymph system, flushing toxins out of the body. You will also be taught the tools used in this proven detox plan to continue wellness practices in your own home. With just six people maximum per retreat, your care will be customized precisely for your needs.

We can't wait for you to join us in this week long journey where we will find peace in our minds, bodies and spirits.

"Every once in awhile we encounter a person along our life's journey whom we instantly trust and feel has settled in the exact place where their heart and spirit are meant to be and flourish....or do they find us? When you first meet Tanya you will know in your bones that there is something remarkable and magnetic about her. She is full of life and light and is imbued with an uncanny sense of knowing which she shares wisely and openly with all who come to be with her. There is something intangible that draws you to her. Her creative gift of a magical experience for healing and exploration in Los Barriles is to be cherished and not to be missed!" Laura Benward - Waldorf Educator


Your day of arrival: fly into SJD (Cabo San Lucas Intl Airport) and meet BAJA CLEANSE transportation van outside of the terminal after you go through customs. Drive 1 hour north to your Los Barriles private house on the beach.

Coordinator Tanya will greet you and check you into your beautiful room.

Get comfortable...relax

Meet for healthy meal and all therapists there at 6:00pm for introductions and discussion on our goals for the week

Before bed you will drink your herb fiber drink and take your supplement to start your cleanse!

In your room will be your gift package including quality 2 qt enema bag, tongue cleaner, acupressure slippers, local desert soap and lotion

Daily Schedule

· Grounding Beach Meditation Sessions /Earthing/ Breathwork
· Juicing / Smoothie / Tea / Light snack available
· Yoga, Dance or any other exercise

Forrest Yoga is a modern yoga style based on Hatha Yoga. It is known for its long holding of the postures, focus on abdominal core work and a long standing series of 20 poses on each side. This style of yoga is founded on 4 principals:
1- Breath to help connection with one’s own body
2- Integrity working with the edges of one's practice
3- Strength through long holding of poses/developing tools to go beyond fear & struggle
4- Spirit to create a sense of freedom and courage to walk as your spirit dictates.

· Our Raw Food Chef will tantalize your senses with our local, organic fare by making food an art form. Retreats feature Thai spring rolls, quinoa salad, seed cheeses with flax seed crackers, soothing broths, living foods, stuffed poblano pepper with lentil salad, Rainbow curry, Vegie Burgers with sweet potatoe chips, falafel tacos with hummus, Green papaya salad, Mexican guacamole with salsas, Fresh Green salads, Vietnamese Rolls with thai mango salsa and habanero chile, Raw pizzas, Raw desserts like Coconut pie, Banana ice cream, strawberry cheesecake, tiramissou, Lemon pie and choc raspberry cake. Of course, lots of fruits and vegetables , teas, fresh alkalized water and juices.

· At Baja Cleanse we do things a little different! Instead of having your traditional sit down meals we offer food at your convenience all day long.  This gives your body a choice as to what you need or don’t need.

·  Not only is the food beautiful, it is mouth watering delicious and satisfying!
The rest of the day is the client’s to use to relax, or to get involved in discussions, food demonstrations and exercise activities. Relaxing activities available range from gentle strolls on the beach to hill walks, snorkeling, standup paddle boarding, kayaking or swimming.

·  At Baja Cleanse we support the time to truly relax and be in the moment.  Not focusing on over stimulation or over scheduling.  Cleansing is a time to take for yourself and to be still.  It is a good time to journal, read, contemplate, build “life maps” of where you see yourself going in this life.  Take the time out from a hectic schedule to just “be”.

·  You head back into the world with a whole new freshness and clarity.  Looking at your “habits (coffee in the morning, computer goes on first thing in the morning, etc.)  and start to look at more positive ways to start your day that is more conducive for a healthy lifestyle in your mind body and soul.

Before bed every night:  herb fiber drink and supplement for deep cleansing.

Sweet soundful sleep…quiet time

Your day of departure: fly out with a healthy snack for your trip   

COST:  Prices start at $1500 per week per person  up to $3500 per week per   person

Transportation to and from Cabo San Lucas International Airport
Luxury Beachfront Accommodation , MId Range 3 min walk to beach, , Affordable , Bungalow range close to beach and mountain trails
Raw Organic & Living Foods,  Ayurvedic Cuisine, Green Juices, Unique Smoothies, Alkalizing Broths & soups and more...
 Colon Hydro Therapy
 Nutritional Counsel and Education
 Classes on fermented foods,  ON THE GO  cleansing protocols,  liver /kidney cleanses, probiotic implants
 Organic Facials
 Detox Acupuncture by appointment and extra charge
Ion Cleanse foot Bath
Daily Toxin Absorber drink and supplement to promote cleansing
Liver / Gallbladder Flush / Coffee Enemas / Sea Salt Flush / Organic Green Juice
Daily Yoga, Grounding, Meditation activities as desired
*Counseling By Appointment
Tibetan 5 Rites, Breath work , Earthing on the Beach
Soul Tours to Organic Gardens, Water Falls and Hot Springs, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle boarding, hikes,  Swims with whale sharks and dolphins and more!

50% down time of booking
50% paid upon arrival

Maximum of 4 people per retreat.
Couples availability as well.



Custom Designed Retreat for Each Client

Similar to our standard 7 day retreats as described above, we also accept retreats with more customized time and length needs.Please contact tanya@bajacleanse.com to arrange a retreat of a custom length.

1 day boot up retreat
2 day restore retreat
3 day relax retreat
4 day rejuvenate retreat

7 - 21 day retreats available from $2500.
Retreats include juicing, smoothies, raw food delicacies, yoga,  guided meditation, breathwork, colon hydrotherapy, holistic facial, massage, ion cleanse foot detox, ear candling, and accommodation at a beautiful Los Barriles home with choice of private bedroom and bath