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Baja Cleanse provides custom designed wellness retreats where the desert meets the sea in sun-soaked Los Barriles, Mexico.

Detox and cleanse the body, mind, and spirit through juice fasting, plant-based foods, and practicing a holistic lifestyle.

Join us in Baja California Sur, Mexico for a detox spa retreat in a luxury home that tailors to your needs.

Over Stressed?            Unconscious Eating?

Over Worked?               Inflammation / Digestive Issues?

Mentally Drained?         Emotionally  Unfilled? 

Spiritually Disconnected?    

Sip on fresh local juices, enjoy light organic fare and raw foods prepared by the on site chef.

Experience cleansing therapies designed to renew both your body and mind: Massage, Holistic Facial, Colonic, Acupuncture, Ion Detox, Liver / Gallbladder flush, Ion Cleanse, and more.

Spend 7 or more days in the beautiful Baja sunshine and Recharge your mental, physical and spiritual batteries!   We can help!

You will come away feeling refreshed and renewed on every level of your being.  Through a body detox program you can reclaim your health and wellness.   Body Cleanse Detox Program

                                Learn techniques to take home and use

                                Nutrition through juicing, plant based cuisine

                                fermented foods..and more

                                Awaken your spirit on the Sea Of Cortez and

                                our special program that is custom designed

                                just for you!

Relax and recharge.

Our retreats include all meals, classes, and private transportation from Cabo San Lucas Airport to your private home / bungalow or casita on or near to world class empty beaches.

Once you arrive at your private home, enjoy organic local fruits and veggies and Ayurvedic or Raw and Living Cuisine conducive to healing the system. We use fresh, local, in-season fruits and vegetables for fresh juicing, green juices, alkalizing broths, and smoothies: Nopal, Moringa, Pitaya to name a few of the local favorites.

Combine grounding walks on the beach, yoga, dance, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, and stand up paddle boarding to refresh your spirit all during the months of April, May, and June and July when the warm ocean waters soothe and cleanse your body and mind.

We have certified and experienced instructors that provide a variety of movement exercises to stimulate your body to flush toxins while our licensed personal counselor provides full therapy sessions, emotional "boot-ups" and guided meditations in group or private settings. Nutritional counseling specializing in digestive wellness and cleansing will be here to help you reach your goals for health and vitality whether through massage, holistic facials, colon hydrotherapy, acupuncture, coffee enemas or ion cleansing. All retreats serve a maximum of 6 guests, so the attention given to you will be individualized, specific and personal.

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Custom designed wellness retreats especially for your needs! Prices start at $1500 per week up to $3500 per week. Accommodation, Holistic Therapies, Private Chef Services specializing in organic , plant based cuisine,  soul tours for your mind and spirit....cleansing and detox for your body!  Come join us on the beaches of Baja Mexico for these unique and result oriented wellness retreats!

Rated as a top ten wellness retreat in Mexico!

Reserving Spots Now!

"My experience with Tanya and Baja Cleanse was absolutely essential to my final recovery from the difficult diagnosis of 'Leaky Gut'. My Naturopath highly suggested finishing my 3 month recovery journey with hydro colon therapy; to know Tanya and to have such professionalism plus graciousness and kindness available right here on the Southern Baja is a true gift. Tanya reflects such deep healthfulness herself and she provides constant support with her knowledge of your particular issue in order to help you better understand your digestive wellness. Together we brought my health to a new level, even better than before I became sick. Any time spent with Tanya is a true investment in your health and wellness." ~ T. Comber

Beachfront yoga, grounding, and breath-work.

On site, freshly made organic and raw meals.

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